My Story

Hi my name is Joe Silich, I am a civil engineer by trade, but have always been motivated to participate in owning my own business. Unfortunately it became very challenging to save enough money to invest in a traditional brick and mortar business. Then once I was exposed to the Network Marketing industry and the minimal investment it took to get started, I became very intrigued by the prospects. Finally, after working my traditional engineering job for years my migration from being an employee and into the business world had finally begun...

The Exposure

A friend of mine invited me to a home based business opportunity meeting on a Tuesday evening. Again an entrepreneur at heart, I was excited to attend the meeting. Wednesday morning I woke up and owned a home based business, ok now what? I had zero experience in the successful operation of a home based business.

I Studied

After trial and error I discovered from seasoned networkers, to build a strong organization, a series of daily, weekly and monthly activities/commitments would need to be incorporated into my business action plan. They taught me following these commitments would create a more successful networker, and build a strong organization. I took what I learned and refined it into a set of controlled commitments and designated them as The Strategic Commitments. With many hours of trial and error, plus refinement and implementation of the commitments, we realized that success would be achieved if practiced and tracked properly.
"Success will be achieved after mastering a few simple commitments while practicing and tracking them daily". Home Biz Books, Inc.

My Dilemma

Now realizing The Strategic Commitments was the mechanism to succeed, I had to find something that was going to help me track these commitments. My contacts, prospects, exposures, goals, workout partners, weekly meetings, conference calls, my income and expenses all needed to be tracked. It was essential to find an instrument to track the data that these commitments produced.

My Search

After an extensive search, I found nothing on the market that had the capability to track all these commitments in one application. I found separate programs that tracked your contacts, one for your goals, your exposures, another for personal development, and yet another for your income and expenses, but nothing that would track everything in one easy to use application, that was specifically geared to the home based business industry.

My Entrepreneurism

Being a student and now a mentor within the industry, (as I stated above I was an entrepreneur at heart) I decided to design and develop an easy to use web based application to track all the Strategic Commitments. Home Biz Books was born!

The Application

Our approach was simple, and with many hours of dedication we designed and developed a system that is simple, duplicable, interactive and able to track ALL the Strategic Commitments. This application along with our team's dedication will improve your networking business and make it very fun and rewarding. The Strategic Commitments can supplement any current business action plan that you have incorporated within your organization or actually become your team's action plan for success. It's that easy!

Our Training

We have many years of experience; our coaches/mentors will consistently be available for live webinars, phone consultations and personal appearances for hands on training of your organization. We will not sign you and your organization up, walk away, and say good luck. We will be there every inch of the way to provide the training needed for success.

Customer Success

Our customers are our number one priority. When you succeed, we feel successful. When we exceed expectations, we feel exceptional. When you're successful, we wonder how we can do even better. We have a win-win approach to your business.

Our Team=Your Team

Our Team will become part of your team, integrate ourselves into your organization and coach/mentor you and your team on the capabilities and effectiveness of Home Biz Books. We'll listen, we'll ask questions, we'll learn - then, together we will modify the Home Biz Books application as needed to fit the needs of your organization. Your suggestions will always be welcomed and encouraged.
We would like to welcome you to Home Biz Books and are here to support your success!!!