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Success will be achieved after mastering a few simple commitments while practicing and tracking them daily!

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With countless years of Network Marketing experience, we understand what it takes to be successful.

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Home Biz Books is the elite system that complies with IRS regulations and proven methods.

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Our coaches/mentors will be available for live webinars, phone consultations and personal appearances.

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Home Biz Books is the superior tool within the home based business industry for tracking your team's progress.

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Unlike other business tracking programs Home Biz Books is designed and focuses only on the Direct Selling/Network Marketing Industry.

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There is nothing on the market today that compares to the power of Home Biz Books.


Home Biz Books Features


Activities Calendar

This tool gives you the ability to track your daily activities and expenses, while visually seeing and interacting with your team.

Enter Goals and Track your Progress

Establishing goals are essential for your business success. With HBB, not only can you enter your goals, you can track and graph your progress as easy as clicking a button.

Timed Follow-Up Reminders

Your "Prospects in Play" are placed on your activities calendar page; it is very easy to visually see the follow up tasks that need to be completed.

Team Coaching

Through the HBB System, you can track their success by cross-referencing the Activities Calendar, there you can visually check their progress and guide them, through accountability.

Workout Partners

With our Activity Calendar, each of you will have visual access to your partner’s daily and weekly activities, as well as accountability toward your goals.

Sign Up Ratios

As you enter your prospects, the HBB system will automatically display your ratios. It will calculate how many exposures you need to make to sign-up a new team member/customer.

Prospect in Play

The HBB system will track your prospects in play until a final enrollment decision is made.

Personal Development Tracker

HBB Personal Development Tracker allows you to enter key information obtained for your personal/professional growth.

Track your Hours Worked

HBB gives you the ability to track your time. Tracking the hours you dedicate to your business is critical to growing your business.

Income Tracker

The overall balance of your business (profit or loss) is automatically calculated and reports generated as your income is entered.

Expense Tracking

HBB also provides build in expense calculators for those complex expenses that need calculations. All this built in technology prepares your end of year business financials, for quick and easy IRS Schedule C Tax preparation.

View Detailed Reports

The HBB system will give you all the daily, weekly and monthly financial reports to track your business.


The #1 Cloud Based Application For Tracking Your Home Based Business...


the 12 keys

To Building a successful network marketing business

With countless years of Network Marketing experience, we have discovered from seasoned networkers, the 12 Keys to success. To build a strong organization, a series of daily, weekly and monthly activities/commitments would need to be incorporated into our business plan of action. They taught us by following these commitments we would become more successful networkers. We took what we learned and refined it into a set of controlled commitments and named them The Strategic Commitments. After many hours of trial and error, plus refinement and implementation of the commitments, we realized that success would be achieved if practiced and tracked properly. Now we needed to develop a system to track these commitments, hence Home Biz Books was born.

Our approach is simple, and with many hours of dedication we designed and developed a system that is simple, duplicable, interactive and able to track ALL the Strategic Commitments. This application along with our team's dedication will improve your networking business. The Strategic Commitments can supplement any current business plan that you have incorporated within your team. It can become your team's action plan for success. It's that easy!



Get The Best Solution For Your Business

Our Team will become part of your team, integrate ourselves into your organization, and coach/mentor you and your team on the capabilities, and effectiveness of Home Biz Books. We'll listen, we'll ask questions, we'll learn - then, together we will modify the Home Biz Books application as needed to fit the needs of your organization. Your suggestions will always be welcomed and encouraged.

We would like to welcome you to The Strategic Commitments and Home Biz Books we are here to support your success!!!

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In our clients' words

"Home Based Business owners it's time to take control of your business and increase your net worth. Home Biz Books has developed a system everyone needs to grow and track their business"

Mary B - Business in Order Coach

"I love this app! I can do everything for my business directly from my phone, from entering prospects, tracking my mileage, imputing my business expenses, tracking follow ups and working interactively with Coach and Workout Partners."

Brent G - Longtime Network Marketer Leader

"Home Biz Books has allowed me to keep track of everything that I do in my business. I encourage anyone who is in business to begin using HBB because it's so worth it!"

Alisa G - Life Coach



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