About Us

We are a 26 year old company, with 36 years' network marketing experience. Through the years we have learned that through simple basic commitments (Strategic Commitments) you will build a strong, lasting business. We have been dedicated to developing a system that is simple, duplicatable, interactive and able to track these commitments. We are proud to implement the Home Biz Books Tracking System.

To Our Customers

Our customers are our number one priority. Everyone may say that their customers are their number one priority, but at Home Biz Books, Inc., we take it to heart. We want to do our best for you, and we want your feedback on how to do better. We are here to help.

We are a team. Our team is here to teach you how to track your business. We listen, we ask questions, we learn - then, together we will upgrade the Home Biz Books system to fit the needs of our users.

We have a win-win approach to business. When you succeed, we feel successful. When we exceed expectations, we feel exceptional. When you succeed, we wonder how we can do even better.

Training our customers. We know how important it is to train our users; we will have online training and as needed travel to your locations and train all your distributors on the use of the Home Biz Books System as well as all of the important home based business tax deductions.

Commitment. We are committed to excellence and the success of you and your entire organization. From your leaders all the way down to your new distributors we are committed to their success.

We would like to welcome you and are here to help you succeed. Remember "Success will be achieved after mastering a few simple habits while practicing and tracking them daily."

If you have any questions or comments please call our customer support line at (855) 392-6657.

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